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May 18, 2023

When I consider our core values at Guided Wealth Partners one of those is that we passionately advocate for our clients. This is a specific example that comes to mind for client advocacy. 

I had a client that was transferring over an old investment. That happens quite a bit for us. And this was dragging out, as a lot of times it happens. As an advisor, we send our paperwork off, we do everything on our end that we are supposed to. And then we are waiting for the return of those assets to roll over. In this case, nothing was happening.

The crazy thing is, this was in the summer of 2001. And if you can think back to the fall of 2001 and we had a little event in our country called 9/11. Guess where the paperwork, the transfer of paperwork went to to get this guy's assets transferred over to me? It went to one of the twin towers. And because they had drug their feet, when the towers came down, the guy's assets had not transferred.

Well, the day after the market opened, it plummeted. So them dragging their feet cost this client lots of money. 

What I did, is send some information to the authorities in the state we were coming from. And long story short, they ended up cutting the client a check, for the difference. That's just one example that I can think of, of many, where just advocating for our clients made a significant difference. 

I think the important thing is when we talk to clients about our core values, it's not just lip service. Here is an example where we actually got to follow through and do the advocating on behalf of our client. 

-- Scotty Neal 

LPL Financial Planner

Senior Partner

Guided Wealth Partners

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