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The Empty Chair

May 18, 2023

One of the things I think is important for us to consider is, why do we do what we do?

One time I was sitting in my office and I got a phone call from a client that I hadn't heard from in a while. I knew that he wasn't doing well. And he said, "Eric, do you remember when we put the estate plan together and we did all this planning for my family and everything? Well, I'm at that point to get everything activated." I responded, "What do you mean by that?" And he said, "Well, this is my last phone call I'm making to you."  It took my breath away. I'm sitting there thinking, "Okay. I knew he was sick, I knew some things were going on and he was making phone calls to friends and trusted people that he had asked to help take care of his family." First of all, I was honored that he did that because that meant a lot to me. But then it really dawned me, what do we really do has such great importance. It's more than investing. It's more than just having some type of plan for doing a bucket list. This is really what we do - help people make their plans and advocate for them. Because at some point when we're working with a client, there's going to be an empty chair. He wanted to know everything was in place to take care of his family. That is why we do what we do at the end of the day. Being advocates for our clients.

-- Eric Stockton´╗┐

LPL Financial Planner

Senior Partner

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