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Meet Your Advisor: Eric Stockton

April 20, 2023


My alma mater is Kentucky Wesleyan College where I studied Mass Communications and had a very successful football career! This led me to play in the European league in Germany for one year. Sustaining a few injuries challenged me to consider what my long-term goals and motivations were. This helped in leading me to a career in financial advising. 

I grew up in a very large family where I was one of nine kids. Our finances were very tight and restricted our ability to do things like take family vacations. I also experienced a few losses that really taught me that when difficult times come, the last thing you want to be concerned with is money. These lessons really served as a motivation for me as I considered both how I can make a positive impact in other people's lives and in how I wanted to change the trajectory of my own family tree.

My true passion lies with my family! My wife Toni and I have four very active children. Our family enjoys the outdoors, travel, and playing sports! We believe one of the best gifts that God gave us is the family unit.

Having a reliable partner on your financial journey is something we are passionate about at Guided Wealth Partners. If you or someone you know is in need of financial assistance, give our office a call today!

-- Eric Stockton
LPL Financial Planner
Senior Partner
Guided Wealth Partners
Phone: 615-991-2540