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Client Testimony: Kimber Dills

Client Testimony: Kimber Dills

October 30, 2023

When Kimber Dills became executor of her parent's estate, she discovered the value of having an advocate who not only cares for you, but can also guide you through the necessary process of settling an estate.

"It's taken me three years to complete their estate by trying to find each location, account number, and so forth. So from that, I immediately figured out I did not want that for my doesn't allow you to grieve...There is a solution with Guided Wealth Partners."

Let our team partner in preparing you for your financial future, and assist as a valued resource when need arises!

This statement is a testimonial by a client of the financial professional as of 10/30/2023. The client has not been paid or received any other compensation for making these statements. As a result, the client does not receive any material incentives or benefits for providing the testimonial.